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About Home Inventory Academy (HIA)

Weather and aging related factors increasingly affect families financially, overwhelming and straining people, time-wise, to identify and protect what they have.  Our comprehensive Home Inventory Academy (HIA) service offerings ensure that important possessions are properly cataloged so you have control over proving ownership, prudent decision-making and anything else life brings your way.

Carol knows the importance of having control over physical assets.  Her parents were in a car accident in 1994 that instantly killed her mom and left her dad with traumatic brain injury that affected his executive level skillset.  Carol oversaw her dad's medical care for 14 years but when he passed away in 2008, she went on a 5-year scavenger hunt trying to find everything he'd owned.  Never wanting anyone else to go through what she did, she created software and services to help others gain control of their family’s assets.  HIA was born out of this effort. It's a turnkey, online, self-paced course that steps professionals through creating a home inventory service offering for their clients.   It’s been part of a course that she’s given to professional organizers for the past 10 years that she’s now offering in more depth, online, due to increased awareness and demand for the need to have proof of ownership for many reasons; natural and medical disasters, theft, proper insurance, proper estate planning and smooth transition of assets to the next generation.  

Additionally, Carol offers her own personalized home inventory service for individuals and for trusted advisors that want the service for their clients but don't want to create their own offering.

A scaled down course for individuals who want to create home inventories for themselves will be coming soon.

In addition to running HIA, Carol has her second software company, Pinventory, LLC.  Pinventory® Home Inventory, her flagship product, is a web-based platform with a companion app that allows users to take photos of their home and its contents so they can share that information anytime, anywhere, so they can prove what they had before there's a disaster such as a flood, fire, tornado, hurricane or theft.  Pinventory Home Inventory is the tool students are taught to use in HIA.  Pinventory plans to roll out additional products that help capture, organize and consolidate on more personal, financial and medical information - all in one, secure location- so family never has to go on a search for critical information.

Carol also consults to small businesses, performing high level operational due diligence across the key eight areas of a business, helping firms identify the gaps they have and then strategically advising and orchestrating ways to mitigate the risks.  This can accomplished in a variety of ways; educating firms on “best practices”, putting clear, consistent processes in place, introducing firms to the right technology solutions/service firms. leading a search for a new needed solution or service and operating as an accountability resource for the firm, with the ultimate goal being scalability.  For this reason, the HIA course for professionals includes two modules on helping a small business get properly organized for growth.  Carol feels that, for those offering the service to others, just knowing how to create a home inventory isn’t enough.  A firm also needs to be in a position to properly support and scale their business.  

Between Pinventory and Home Inventory Academy, Carol believes her offering is complete and is the best insurance for a client's insurance policy and for a family's peace of mind!



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