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Home Inventory Academy

Hurricane season is not only upon us... it's setting all-time records, as are wildfires, across the U.S.! 

You can help your clients by creating a valuable offering to them that helps them protect their family and assets and helps you better serve your  clients while increasing your revenue. 

We know that life, lately, has been - to say the least - challenging...

...and you've probably been frustrated because you haven't been quite sure how to deal with it.  But don't worry!  Hundreds of other professionals have been living the same challenges you have, trying to find the right solution, just like you!

Now is a perfect time to think about your business and how to expand it... while everyone is trying to define the "new normal" as states fluctuate between reopening and backtracking.  You can start implementing an important service with existing clients while reaching out to new ones.  And if you want a tried, proven, step-by-step, all inclusive offering, your best answer to a new revenue stream could be the Home Inventory Academy !  All you need to do is click on the button below to register!

In as little as three weeks, you can have this exciting new offering for your clients!





Ellen's Story

No one knows what life will bring...

My friend, Ellen, got the evacuation call during Katrina.

She packed a small bag for two days and left the house with her husband and 15-year-old daughter, who’d tucked her baby dolls into bed, covering them with a blanket to “keep them safe”. 


They never returned.


Their home went completely under water when the levee broke.

Ellen spent an entire year trying to visualize and piece together everything that was in her home, on each wall, inside each closet and each drawer. All the pictures, baby videos, jewelry, clothing, prescriptions, critical documents – every physical asset was lost in the aftermath of the hurricane.

Ellen’s family didn’t have a digital record, a physical binder or even a list of their belongings, so their insurance paid them nothing.

Unfortunately, Ellen was the poster child of someone who didn’t have a home inventory and then suffered devastating consequences.

Why Enroll in Home Inventory Academy?

Because what I offer can change your business and your clients' lives for the better, starting now!

I’ve been in the same trenches that professionals deal with every day.  I know the challenges you face.  I’ve faced them too.

Not only that, I’ve taught professionals how to implement strategies that can move the needle in their business, for over a decade.

Your passion is helping people get organized.  My passion is leveraging my organizational and operational skills to make life better for businesses and homes. That’s why I became a professional organizer and why I’ve developed nationally recognized products that serve that need. And now I’ve put all that insight, all that experience, knowledge and wisdom into this course that will teach you how to do the same, starting with a much needed and easy to understand Home Inventory service offering. 

I've already built the product, so you don't have to!  And I've mapped out the easy-to-follow yet powerful strategies to attract clients and support them.  My course shows you, step-by-step, exactly what to do.

Come join Home Inventory Academy  and we'll cover the 7 modules, with step-by-step instructions, templates, cheat sheets and a proven strategy that you can use to jumpstart your new offering, now and as soon as you can begin to resume physical visits with your clients.




A Little More About Me...

Carol R. Kaufman

  • Industry Member of National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) since 2010
  • Past Board Member of NAPO-NNJ as Director of Associate Members
  • Past member of NAPO conference committee
  • Golden Circle Member of NAPO since 2015
  • Inventor of CBData® Life Inventory™ Solutions software and services, launched in 2009 – now renamed Pinventory®.   
  • My first organizing software product was acquired by SunGard in 2002:  It's is still used internationally.
  • My specialties include public speaking, online training, accountability and consulting services and software-based solutions to organizational problems.


Offering a Home Inventory service can dramatically change the course of your business forever.

Hear what some of my clients have said, over the past few years, about my live training classes and personally working with me...

"It taught me everything I needed to know to conduct a thorough inventory and provide a high-quality end product to my clients.  I’m so glad I took this course!" —                                                                                                                                                 Kathy Druffner (Professional Organizer)

"All of my important information and documents can now be called up on a moment’s notice. I was very impressed by her professionalism and the secure and confidential approach she provided. She is an asset to her profession and a true catalyst for change." —                                                                                                                                 Christy N. (organizing client)

“Great course! I learned so much useful user-friendly information. Your presentation was clear, logical, and provided very well-considered tools. I can't wait to put them to good use with my clients and my own life!” —                                               Devora F. (Professional Organizer)

"Excellent class this week – really! It was a lot of information but presented in such an organized and logical way that it did made sense to me. To me it really drove home how important all of this information is to have in one place and accessible.” —                                                                                                                                                                      Kathe R. (Professional Organizer)

By attending Home Inventory Academy, you'll learn my proven, step-by-step process that can:

  • Give you something fun and productive to work on right now
  • Increase your revenues quickly
  • Save you and your clients time and money
  • Eliminate the overwhelm
  • Allow you to gain the confidence you need
  • Help you better serve your clients
  • Align with your current business model
  • Be a solution for seasoned pros as well as new organizers
  • Earn you 5 CEU credits if you're a CPO!

Here's what you'll get with Home Inventory Academy:

  • 5 Modules that help you create your own mini home inventory that you can use to sell the service to prospective clients, complete with homework assignments and worksheets.
  • 2 BONUS Modules that help you create your business and rollout plan
  • Reusable worksheet templates that are ready for you to use with clients that help you through every step of the process, from sizing the project to naming conventions to keeping track of which pictures have been taken.
  • Weekly Live Q&A event so you can get your questions answered directly by me.
  • An invitation to the Home Inventory Academy private Facebook group to join all the other members on their mission to create home inventories for clients. 
  • Once you complete the course and have 5 testimonials, you get a free year in my service provider registry on my website



Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don't. I’m not a "techie" either and I put a lot of effort into creating a course offering that can include anyone with only a basic understanding of how to store files on a computer and can rename a document. In fact, you’ll find that the way I've structured the learning process is quite fun!  And my team and I'll be there to support you with any concerns or issues that might arise.

First of all, I understand. I’ve worked in the Professional Organizer space for over a decade and know the demands and stresses of running a successful organizing business. I’ve taken my direct experience and applied it to the way I developed the Home Inventory course, which is laser focused on your needs as a busy organizer. Everything you need is included in this course; video tutorials, worksheets, cheat sheets and templates. And it’s all step-by-step. Plus, the Home Inventory product itself is already designed so you don’t have to re-invent anything. All you do is follow my easy instructions. I even have you create your own "mini" Home Inventory to use for your own family, and as a sample product to show your customers. Pretty cool, right?

That depends on how much time you have to devote to it.  There are 7 modules and if you really want to get this offering going as quickly as possible, you could do it in less than three weeks!

If you follow the plan I’ve laid out and do all the work, you will get the results. I believe that with 100% certainty. If for some reason you did all the work, and implemented the strategies I’ve laid out and still didn’t get results, I'll personally work with you to evaluate why you're not getting the proper results.

This course isn’t necessarily about getting new clients unless you're a brand new PO and then, yes, it will certainly help you with that process.  You most probably already have clients, though. Certainly, you can get new clients from the additional value you’re putting out to the market, but the program is about increasing revenue with your current client base and serving them even better with an additional offering that aligns with what you're currently doing.

I’ve got you covered. That’s what the Facebook group is for, as well as the LIVE Q&A sessions with me.

When you sign up you have access to the course for one year, and ongoing access to the private Facebook group, for as long as you like.  The materials are yours to use for you and your firm, only, for as long as you like, as well.  No "sharing" with other POs (or anyone!), however.

Yes, you can earn 5 CEU credits toward your 3 year, 45 hour requirement if you're a CPO.

I will be offering a "Home Inventory Pro" certificate and a free, one year listing service for people who want to have visibility through my website.  Requirements are that you must have successfully completed the course, have completed five (5) home inventories with references and prove that you have liability insurance coverage.

Still have questions? Feel free to call me: 201-562-3500. I'm happy to walk you through the details!


Ready to start scaling your business? Come enroll in Home Inventory Academy for Professional Organizers and learn the 7 strategic pillars to take your business to the next level! You're going to love this content!









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